Mortuary for Moray campaigners hope for correct decision today

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Spynie mortuary facility – call for replacement

A GROUP CAMPAIGNING for improved mortuary facilities in Moray for families who are met with the tragic circumstances of identifying loved ones who have passed away have called on Moray’s MP to assist in their plight.

The group Mortuary for Moray was formed when Maryan Whyte and her family were faced with a horrific experience in having to identify the body of Frank Whyte, who was tragically killed in a yachting accident on Findhorn Bay.

The official mortuary for Moray based at the old Spynie Hospital was described by the family as a ‘horrific’ facility – and their story was mirrored by many others, who joined to form the ‘Mortuary for Moray’ campaign.

Now four sites have been identified as being suitable for a new facility – including the current one, Dunbarney Car Park, Dr Gray’s current physiotherapy unit and its medical record department. Of the four Mrs Whyte says that the mortuary should be within the Dr Gray’s building itself, as it provides more respect, dignity and compassion for bereaved families.

In an appeal to Mr Ross, campaigner Harry Cooksley said: “I urge you to support the campaign to provide first class facilities for the bereaved in the Moray area.

“As a retired funeral director with a special interest in bereavement care, I was horrified to learn of the terrible experience suffered by a local family following the sudden death of a family member.

“The campaign seeks public opinion on the siting of a new Mortuary and family facilities at Dr Gray’s hospital in Elgin. I strongly believe that the best option is number four, whereby this is all contained within the main hospital building.

“This eliminates the need to trolley the deceased across car parks and the families having to go outside in all-weather to walk to separate facilities.”

A discussion will take place today to consider which of the options should be chosen.