‘Bold Strategy’ required to deal with Diet and Obesity in Scotland

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WE ARE MORE than happy to reproduce this submission from Professor Linda Bauld from Cancer Research UK.

AT THE END OF THIS MONTH, the Scottish Government will close its consultation on its forthcoming Diet and Obesity Strategy.

We hope by then it will have gathered a wealth of evidence to show that regulations to restrict multi-buy offers on unhealthy food and drink would be crucial in helping to stem the rising tide of obesity in Scotland.

There can be no doubt that a bold strategy is needed. Scotland has been in the grip of an obesity epidemic for too long.

Not only is Scotland one of the heaviest nations in Europe, but Scots also buy double the amount of food and drink on price promotion than shoppers on the Continent.

The Scottish Government’s commitment to limit junk food marketing is a step in the right direction but, to progress, regulations are needed to restrict multi-buy offers on unhealthy food and drink.

Obesity is linked to 13 different types of cancer. As part of its forthcoming obesity strategy, the Scottish Government must grasp the opportunity to help families make it easier to keep a healthy weight.

Measures to help us enjoy a better diet and fill our shopping baskets with healthy food will make it easier for us all to stack the odds of not getting cancer in our favour.