Part-time teachers being urged to up their hours in crisis

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TEACHERS CURRENTLY WORKING part-time are being urged to consider increasing their hours to help out a local primary school that is desperately trying to fill four vacancies.

Moray Council’s Leader and local member for Forres, Councillor George Alexander, has said that Applegrove Primary in the Moray town is currently lacking four full-time teachers.

Last month the local authority issued a letter to parents at all Moray schools, warning them of the increasingly dire situation that could see some schools being forced into at least partial closure.

Now Mr Alexander has said that Applegrove is “trying to get by with short-term supply”, adding: “Moray Council is advertising two full time equivalent permanent primary teacher vacancies for the authority to be employed at Applegrove.”

The Council Leader also confirmed other exceptional action had been taken, adding: “We have now written to all of the primary teachers in the Forres Associated School Group, asking if any are part-time and keen to do more.”

Councillor Alexander said that the General Teaching Council had also been asked to check their records and identify any teachers living in Moray who may have allowed their registration to lapse – and who might be persuaded to re-register.

He said other action had been taken to resolve the problem, including contacting other local authorities to see if they had any “space capacity” with teachers willing to come to Moray with their travel and subsistence being paid.

He concluded: “We are working tirelessly and endlessly to try to ensure we provide a continuity of education for the children affected and that this is our number one priority at this time.”

Currently both the Head Teacher and Depute Head are performing teaching duties at Applegrove – but fears remain that without any supply teachers to help resolve the issue their may be consequences for the operation of the school.