Heart-felt praise from a parent for Dr Gray’s Paediatric staff

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A GRATEFUL MORAY MUM has been speaking of her experience with the under-fire Paediatric ward at Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin.

In a letter to the ‘Care Opinion’ website, where experiences at hospitals throughout the UK, good or bad, are shared, the Mum told her story of the treatment of her two-year-old daughter.

The ward has been in the news a great deal of late, primary because of its having to close or reduce services for periods as they struggle to recruit and retain junior doctors.

The unidentified Mum wrote: “My nearly two-year-old daughter was referred from our GP to be seen by the Paediatrician as she was unwell and there was concern she was dehydrated.

“When we got there the “magic doors” worked – and although she was diagnosed with Influenza, we were sent home. Unfortunately, by the next day she had deteriorated, [but] as we had open access we returned and spent the night.

“After a little fluids, she perked up and we got off home again the next day. But only for one night – as a parent trying to decide if you should take your child back or not is difficult, I didn’t know if I was being over dramatic or overly worried but a very kind nurse, Erin, answered my call, listened and took time to explain to me why I did need to take her back.

“She was treated for dehydration with an NG feed and a two-night stay. The care we received was fantastic, some of the staff who particularly stood out were Erin, Lisa, Rebecca, Dr Tobin (there are others but I can’t remember their names) – but all the members of staff showed us the greatest of respect, kindness and professionalism.

“The nurses respected not just my daughters need for rest but mine too – they made me and my family feel safe and cared for and for that I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

A spokesperson for NHS Grampian said: “This was wonderful feedback from a mother whose daughter was cared for in Ward 2 at Dr Gray’s Hospital. To the author of the story, we hope your daughter is making a good recovery and thank you for taking the time to share [your experience].”