One of Moray’s smallest schools gets an Inspection thumbs-up

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SCHOOL INSPECTORS HAVE given a Moray primary school a ‘satisfactory’ rating while noting that staff accept there is more that can be done in learning and achievement.

Crossroads Primary School in Grange, near Keith, are the latest school in Moray to be inspected by Education Scotland with their report issued on Tuesday.

The report found that staff and children were “positive about their school” with staff knowing and caring for their children well – and all showed a pride in their school. It praised changes that had been made in the school in homework and the introduction of a school reward system.

It also noted that a range of initiatives at the school were still in the early stages of implementation, adding that there was scope to review the impact of these on children’s learning.

The Inspector said: “Almost all children report that they enjoy school. Children’s achievements in and out of school are recognised by the school. Children and their parents can inform the school of recent achievements which are then displayed for all to see and celebrate.

“The school has made changes to arrangements to record good behaviour, success in learning and resolve minor disputes or incidents. According to a few of the children we met during the inspection these arrangements are not entirely satisfactory. All children are members of a committee or group.

“Children value these opportunities and when given responsibility they take this seriously. The Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) group organise competitions and the Pupil Council have had a say in how homework is done.

“Across the school, children can attend a number of out of school clubs and activities. The school has yet to track children’s wider achievements to see who is at risk of missing out.”

Crossroads is one of Moray’s smaller schools with a role of 24 pupils.