Uni training in Lossie’s skies

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A Grob Tutor aircraft. Crown Copyright

Students and instructors from the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde Air Squadron (UGSAS) will detach to RAF Lossiemouth for the second two weeks of April to carry out flying training.  The detachment of 15 students and 3 instructors will bring 3 Grob Tutor aircraft and carry out flying training during daylight hours.

Squadron Leader Kris Bebbington, commanding officer of UGSAS, said: “UGSAS has a long tradition of deploying to Moray, with many detachments under our belts.  RAF Lossiemouth provides an excellent training opportunity for our students because of the airfield facilities and good weather.  Flying from a busy main operating base like RAF Lossiemouth gives the students an insight into the day to day life of the RAF, and flying alongside the best fast jet operators, many of whom started their RAF careers in the UAS system, lets the students see where their journey may take them.”

UGSAS is made up of students who are matriculated into one of the Glasgow universities, the University of Stirling, or West of Scotland University.  Students are trained to fly and receive training in other disciplines such as leadership, adventurous training, and sports.  Students join the squadron on a volunteer reserve contract for two years with the possibility of extending this depending on application to the Regular Force.

UGSAS hope to return to RAF Lossiemouth with more students for three weeks’ training in June.