Unanimous condemnation for attack on Elgin Mosque

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Cllr Graham Leadbitter

Politicians from across the spectrum have responded to the news that offensive graffiti has been daubed on Elgin Mosque owned by the Jamia Islamic Centre Trust Fund.

Speaking yesterday, Ward Councillor and Leader of the Moray Council Graham Leadbitter said: “We want to make clear our support to the Muslim community at what must be a distressing time. The Moray Council graffiti removal team were in attendance from first thing this morning to remove the deeply offensive messages and we condemn anyone spouting such sentiments.”

Ward Councillor John Divers also commented: “We offer solidarity with those who have been affected by these disgusting messages and reach out to the Muslim community in Elgin to make sure they know that we don’t condone such vile acts.”

Ward Councillor Ray McLean said: “It’s disappointing that such an act would take place in Elgin and the perpetrators should be ashamed of themselves. We must not allow this kind of abhorrent act to become the norm in Moray.”

Convener of Moray Council and Equalities Champion, Cllr Shona Morrison said: “Moray is a diverse community with people from many walks of life, different countries, different interests and different religions. This type of criminal behaviour must not be allowed to take away from the strong community bonds that bring us all together.”

Highlands and Islands MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston also commented, saying: “I utterly condemn this completely unacceptable and cowardly attack on Elgin Mosque.

“It is nothing short of an attempt to intimidate members of Moray’s Muslim community and, while this incident should not be allowed to damage the relationship between the mosque and the local community in Elgin, it is entirely understandable that this will be a worrying incident for those who use the mosque.

“I understand that local police will be increasing patrols in the area and that is only right. It is also vitally important that anyone with any information on who may have been behind this attack comes forward to the Police to ensure those responsible are caught and face justice.”