New online tool for good mental health

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Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions at Moray College UHI in 2018

A new online tool has been launched to help support children, young people and families in Moray. Focused on mental health and wellbeing, the interactive resource has been developed by young people, community members and professionals as part of the Moray Discover Pathways.

Moray Wellbeing Hub, which is both a social movement and a social enterprise, has worked with Health & Social Care Moray to produce the tool, which pulls together advice, information and guidance on how to access support mental health and wellbeing.

The tool, available via  is designed to help children and young people to access help for any concerns they may have about their own mental health, as well as information for families of those with mental health problems.

Young Champions Rebecca Poyner and Caitlyn Hicks with launch poster

Commenting on the launch of the new guide, Heidi Tweedie, Champion & Director of Moray Wellbeing Hub said: “We know that mental health and wellbeing is increasingly a concern for families and young people, and I hope that our new tool will help anyone with any worries to find answers and resources. You can find out more on our website, Facebook and twitter.

“We knew from personal experience that we as parents and young people wanted something that explained the types of options – school, health care, community, online – and told us what was most supportive, how fast and how long we need to wait. That seemed more useful to us than focus on a comprehensive list of services, websites and apps that constantly change and go out of date.

“We are urging people to share with their local school, club, parent group, friends and family. The bright colours and friendly mascots help to challenge stigma and give a sense of hope that connecting with others and trying different options that involve all the key people in children and young people’s lives, can lead to a happier life for the whole family and community.”

Tracey Gervaise, service manager for children and families with Health & Social Care Moray, said: “It’s great to see the end result of this project. Mental health concerns in children and young people can be a difficult subject to discuss. This guide is written in a way that is clear for non-medical professionals, and the website is easy to use.

“I’m proud that Health & Social Care Moray and Moray Wellbeing Hub have worked closely together to produce this new resource, and I look forward continuing to work together to support the needs of our community.”