Moray celebrates waste reduction as we approach ‘Recycling Week’

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Cllr Graham Leadbitter

Moray’s recycling rate has been officially revealed as continuing to be among the best in Scotland as overall amount of waste reduces.

In statistics released yesterday by SEPA – the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency ­– Moray continues to rank fourth out of 32 local authorities, with 57.4% of household waste recycled in 2018, despite slipping back slightly  from the 2017 rate of 57.8%.

More significantly, the amount of household waste generated in the region reduced by more than three times the national figure, as the total amount of household waste generated in Scotland decreased 2% from the previous year, to 2.41 million tonnes. In Moray, the amount of waste generated fell by 6.9%, or over 3,500 tonnes, from 51,090 tonnes in 2017 to 47,552 tonnes in 2018.

According to SEPA, several authorities in Scotland have attributed reductions in waste generated to a move from fortnightly to three-weekly waste collections.

Statistics also show that more waste was recycled per person in Moray than sent to landfill, at 0.29 tonnes and 0.21 tonnes respectively.

Ahead of Recycling Week, which begins on 23 September, Chair of Moray Council’s Economic Development & Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Graham Leadbitter, praised the efforts of households in Moray: “We’ve one of the most comprehensive kerbside recycling collections in Scotland, and I’m pleased to see residents are making the most of this. Changing to three-weekly collections for the green bin has made us all think more about improving our recycling, as well as how much waste we’re generating.

“I’m particularly proud that households in Moray reduced the amount of waste they generated by more than three times the Scottish figure, saving more than £311,000 in landfill tax if this was put in the green bin.

“I’d encourage everyone to keep up the momentum, so we can reach the Scottish Government’s target of 60% of household waste to be recycled in 2020.”