Moray’s new P1s eased into school by The Everywhere Bear

Pre-school children in Moray are being helped in their transition to primary school in August by Julia Donaldson’s The Everywhere Bear.

The Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) team at Moray Council are introducing a programme of transition to help young learners navigate their way into primary school. Transition activities in nurseries are being delivered in settings, while advice for parents is on the ELC Moray website.

All 63 nurseries in Moray have been given a copy of acclaimed author, Julia Donaldson’s, book, The Everywhere Bear, and will explore the themes in the book to help settle children into primary school. The story focuses on a stuffed toy that lives at a school, the Everywhere Bear. One day, the bear falls from a boy’s backpack and goes on the most extraordinary adventure, but will he ever make it back to Class One?

Parents and carers are encouraged to check the online resources to support their child’s learning and experiences moving from ELC to primary school. The website hosts videos of parents sharing their own experiences with the transition to P1 and advice from the ELC team in handling the change.

Moray Council’s Early Years Service Manager, Hazel Sly, said: “This is the first time a Moray-wide approach to transition has been taken and will mean no matter which nursery they come from, or primary they attend, all new P1s will have had a similar experience and start to school.

“Transitions are hard and we appreciate that every child will have a different experience. By focusing on the Everywhere Bear’s journey we help our youngest pupils come to terms with change and reassure them that the adventure they’re starting in August is an exciting one.”

Children due to start schools in Moray in August are also having transition visits reinstated this year, following a break during covid. Parents and carers will be informed directly about the arrangements for these.