Your chance to shape Moray’s future

Do you have a vision for Moray in ten to 20 years; an idea for a big, innovative project; or a view on how to make your neighbourhood better?

Moray Council is asking for local input into shaping a 2027 Local Development Plan.

The long-term vision for Moray over the next 10 years and beyond will be set out in the new Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) and Local Development Plan (LDP). 

The plans will shape how land and buildings are used, which impacts people’s lives – in work, travel, access to open space, play and health. 

Your big ideas

Here’s where you come in – the council is looking for:

  • Your big ideas for Moray – do you have a vision of Moray in 10-20 years or an idea for a big innovative project;
  • Your ideas on how to make your neighbourhood or community better (open space, land and buildings);
  • Your ideas on how we can tackle the climate and nature crisis;
  • Your ideas on what landscapes and open spaces should be safeguarded from building;
  • Your ideas to help support town centres and regenerate previously used land or buildings;
  • Your ideas to encourage and facilitate employment, business and industry;
  • Your ideas to support rural areas;
  • Suggestions of what land should be developed over the next 10-20 years.

Ideas must be submitted by Friday 30 June 2023 using the online response form. Additional information, plans, photos and attachments can be uploaded at the end of the form. 

Anyone who has an idea or view on shaping Moray is invited to respond, including: individuals; businesses; landowners, Developers or builders; community groups or bodies. Specific engagement with schools will also be carried out as part of the process.

Key time to influence council policy

Chair of the Planning and Regulatory Services Committee, Cllr David Gordon, said: “This is absolutely the key time to influence council policy on land and building use. We’re throwing this call for ideas out there and relying on the public to respond.

“To help us understand your ideas it’s important to give us a statement with the ‘what, where and why’ of your idea. You can add photos, plans or illustrations that help support and justify your idea.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the creativity of Moray shine through and people getting involved with this key piece of direction of our policies.”

Full details can be found on Moray Council’s website with community events to be announced soon.

For anyone unable to access the online form, paper copies of submissions can be sent to: Strategic Planning and Development, Moray Council, Council Office, High Street, Elgin IV30 1BX.