Only one in ten council staff rate Councillors as effective leaders

Moray’s councillors will learn this week the results of a staff survey that indicates widespread dissatisfaction over the direction being taken by the local authority.

The survey shows that just one person in 10 Council employees believe that councillors are ‘effective leaders’, while they consider that less than one quarter of managers act in an open and fair manner.

Moray Council lays great store in their consultation processes – but the survey of 1161 staff members found that only 15% believed that the local authority acted on feedback provided by its employees.

Conducted earlier this year in the midst of turmoil for the Council’s administration over its cost-saving cuts, including the closure of almost half the libraries in Moray that has led to a legal challenge, the survey results are being presented by head of human resources, Denise Whitworth.

She said: “It is notable tghat there has been a reduction form 54% to 47% – compared to 2011 – in relation to feeling valued and recognised for what they do.

“There are risk implications related to decreasing staff morale should no action be taken as a result of the survey findings, which are heightened during periods of significant change such as the council is currently experiencing.”

The survey findings will be discussed by Councillors on Tuesday.

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