Campaign steps up drive to reduce housebreaking in Moray

Residents in parts of Elgin, Lossiemouth and Lhanbryde are receiving leaflets this week from Police Scotland providing advice on how best to protect their homes and property against burglaries.

The move comes after recent statistics showed a 20% increase in these crimes in the area over the last year – while instances of the same type of criminal activity are falling in other parts of Scotland.

Officers have been going from home to home in some parts of the region delivering the leaflets with local Sergeant Neil Campbell saying: “The purpose of the leaflet drop is to give house occupiers an awareness of the steps that they can take to make their homes and property secure.

“This, in turn, will reduce the opportunities for thieves. Simple measures such as ensuring any tools such as ladders or electrical equipment are removed from gardens are the first steps in preventing housebreaking.”

People are also being urged to keep accurate records of their property so that it can increase the chances of it being returned to them.

Leaflets were also being delivered by officers and community wardens in parts of Lossiemouth and Lhanbryde which have also seen a recent increase in thefts.

A spokesman for the Lossiemouth Community Council said: “We are aware that the recent statistics in Moray did show a decrease of almost one-third in offences such as assaults and a 10% drop in complaints about disorder.

“However, housebreaking and thefts from gardens continues to be a major problem in Lossiemouth as it is in other parts of Moray and we are pleased to note that local police officers are taking a proactive line on this by encouraging people to take simple measures to protect their property.”

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