All six illegal immigrants traced in Fochabers to be deported

Six found near Baxter’s plant

All six illegal immigrants who went on the run in Moray at the weekend have now been traced and are in police custody.

The six are understood to have secreted themselves on a lorry that was returning from the continent to the Baxter’s plant in Fochabers. The delivery truck had returned to Moray and parked up close to the plant on Friday when the six were found in the back.

Two were detained by police within minutes of their discovery – but a hunt was sparked when four more escaped.

One male was spotted in Fochabers calling in at a local Chemist – he did not speak to anyone and left soon after, it is thought that the same man tried to unsuccessfully exchange Euros into Pounds at another local shop.

It has emerged that four of the men were from Afghanistan while another had travelled from Kuwait – the sixth was a 24-year-old believed to have been from India.

Police were assisted in the search by Home Office officials. A spokesman for the Home Office said: “Six men have been detained pending removal from the UK following an incident at Fochabers in Moray over the weekend.”

All six are now expected to be removed from the country, with the Home Office spokesman adding: “We work closely with police to tackle illegal immigration. Where someone is found to have no legal right to remain in the UK we will take action to remove them.”

Dozens of local people reported spotting members of the group around Fochabers and that is believed to have eased the Police task in locating all six.

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