Fears allayed over historic munitions dump at Elgin school

West End Primary

Fears that an Elgin school might contain munitions buried under its playing fields have proven to be unfounded.

Last month Moray Council revealed that a study of aerial photographs taken during the second world war had shown a military base on the grounds of West End Primary school.

A large trench was noted surrounded by military vehicles on the school grounds, which were vacated at the time with pupils transferred elsewhere in the city during the duration of the war.

While saying that it was unlikely that live ammunition training took place at the site the long forgotten existence of the trench did merit further investigation, and so ordered a geophysical investigation ahead of the school being reopened after the summer break.

As a result a detailed study of the playing field at the school was conducted earlier this week.

Last night a spokesman confirmed that there were no issues found, saying: “The work at West End Primary School has now been completed and no evidence of ordinance has been found.”

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