Hopes raised over anti-flood action in Moray village

Flood Survey

Hopeman residents are hoping that the flooding in their community earlier this month has finally forced action on drainage issues that has plagued the community for years.

Villagers found themselves being caught out in the deluge twice with the initial aftermath of Hurricane Bertha bringing floods to several homes – and then a week later streets were again under flood water as drainage systems failed to cope with a second downpour.

Local pensioner Hugh Lawton told of how police had to climb into his bedroom window at 3am to warn that his home had been flooded. Mr Lawton has demanded greater effort from Moray Council to solve drainage issues in the village.

However, another resident, Ben Winter, has praised the local authority who he said have been doing a “fairly good job”.

Some residents have complained that the problem exists because of poor drainage on local farmland with the result that under some conditions water drains from fields straight through the village itself.

Moray Council officials have admitted that the village has been troubled for many years by water ingress and have now called in a team of drainage consultants to produce a topographical survey of Hopeman.

“It has been just one nightmare after another,” Mr Lawton said, adding: “This is the second time it happened to me and the last time the council just passed the buck.

“I just hope it does not happen again and I’m glad there is an action plan.”

An action group has been formed by residents with the aim of ensuring that this time something is done about the drainage issues.

Local councillors were quick to reassure residents with Councillor Chris Tuke having attended a meeting to discuss the situation. He said: “As a result of information gathered at the meeting the council plans to approach local landowners with regard to improving drainage surrounding Hopeman.

“The survey will commence shortly and the action group will be kept fully informed of the progress.”

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