Moray community battles floods for second time in a week

More flood misery for Moray residents (stock image)

Local councillors and residents in Hopeman will meet on Friday for an update on the situation in the village that saw residents having to cope with flooding for the second time in a week.

Residents woke on Monday morning to water rushing through streets after more torrential overnight rain brought misery to the community.

A river of water was gushing down Forsyth Street with up to eight inches of muddy water flooding some homes that had not had time to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha exactly a week earlier.

[box] “When your house has been flooded the terror is that it might come back – and it has…”[/box] Resident Marion Bateman, a music teacher at Gordonstoun School, said she had contacted the Scottish Flood Forum for advice on how to make her home watertight but was yet to receive a reply.

She said: “When your house has been flooded the terror is that it might come back – and it has. The mucky water was about six to eight inches high in the house and the stench of sediment was just awful and the dampness appalling.”

Other residents reported water of up to a foot deep invading their homes, with drains blocked and completely unable to cope with the deluge.

Independent councillor for Heldon & Laich, Chris Tuke, met with some of the residents to assess the situation and insisted that drains were relatively clear when checked by council workers.

He said: “A council team checked the drains and they were relatively clear by all accounts. The problem has been identified as water running off the fields – but how to fix that is not yet clear apparently.

“Obviously it won’t be a quick fix but we need to look at what can be done. We have had extraordinary levels of rain and I just hope that things can be sorted out.”

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