Campaign to vote ‘No’ to Elgin BID scheme renewal

From David Cairns, Baggs Shop, St Giles Centre, Elgin

Campaign to vote ‘No’ to Elgin BID scheme renewal

The Elgin BID scheme boundary was hastily redrawn in 2009 when Tesco informed the fledgling BID board that they would be voting “No”.

The consequences for the BID board was that due to Tesco’s huge rateable value, their “No” vote would have brought the whole project crashing down before it even started.

The Elgin BID board had free reign to redraw or “gerrymander” the boundary – I don’t understand why this decision was not subject to further scrutiny, but that’s the way it was in the early days of this scheme.

Now, all us shopkeepers have had to wait five years to get back to the ballot box to exercise our democratic voice. If we’re in the minority this time, then we’ll have to tolerate it – but at least it would be a free, fair fight.

However, those that run the BID board can’t play a fair game. They’re using our money to run a political style, propaganda driven campaign – but I thought the money was supposed to be spent on improvements or politically correct, agenda driven recycling cobblers!

The biggest scam they’re perpetrating is the second time re-drawing of the boundary.

Tesco, affronted by the negative publicity, have told the Elgin BID board that they want to join the scheme. The board, with politicians on board such as John Divers and Graham Leadbitter, have kindly gerrymandered the boundary again to not only let Tesco in, but to let in their massive “Yes” vote, their rateable value alone will win the vote, meaning all our votes can be virtually thrown in the bin.

All we ask is that they give us our democratic right to a free and fair election.

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