Hopes for a cloudless night as Aurora set to light up the sky

Photographers and star gazers will be out in force this evening as ideal conditions are being predicted for sightings of the Northern Lights.

The Met Office are saying that Friday evening could well be the ideal time to view the spectacular ‘Aurora Borealis’ from Moray – with forecasters adding that the phenomenon is likely to be viewable from as far south as Northern Elgin and Northern Ireland over the next few days.

A spokesman for the weather agency said: ” The Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights as they are also known, could potentially be visible in northern parts of UK late Friday night into Saturday morning.

“To view the Northern Lights you are best finding a dark place away from street lights.

“You will need a cloud-free sky and although there will be some cloud and localised fog patches around this Friday night there should also be some clear skies too.

“So there is a chance of catching a glimpse of the lights – your best chance of sighting the aurora will be around midnight.”

Moray has become one of the most popular regions for capturing spectacular images of the Aurora as demonstrated in the image above, shot by Mandeigh Wells at Findhorn earlier this year.

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