Mobile telephone upgrade warning for ‘free’ TV viewers

Plans to introduce fourth generation (4G) mobile telephone connectivity to Moray may cause problems for people who view their television via the Freeview service.

Postcards are currently being sent out to Moray residents by at800, an independent organisation that was created to ensure that the rollout of 4G would continue to receive Freeview signals.

The company are funded by and represent UK mobile operators who are launching 4G throughout the UK. As 4G signals use 800mhz it is possible that the signal for some Freeview users could suffer from interference.

Moray Council are this week asking anyone who does experience issues not to contact the local authority but to visit the at800 website – – or call the company on 0333 3131800 on mobiles or 0808 1313800 from their landline.

They can then check if the issue might be due to 4G work in the area and, if that is found to be the case, at800 will assist in resolving the issue.

Residents who live in buildings served by a communal aerial system should consult with their landlords or property managers who should liaise with at800.

According to at800 only around 1% of homes using Freeview for their television service are affected by the rollout of 4G services.

Television signals received by satellite services are not affected by issues with 4G.

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