Super dog Magic goes on tour to Moray with stunning reviews

Claire Moon and Magic

A ‘super dog’ returned to Moray this week to give health professionals and students lessons on the risk of Diabetes.

Magic was last in the region in March and since that visit the chief executive officer for Forres-based health firm Accunostics, Giles Hamilton, says he has been inundated with requests for a return visit.

Trained in Buckinghamshire, the Golden Labrador is one of 45 specially trained dogs that can identify odour changes in those living with life-threatening medical conditions such as diabetes.

Mr Hamilton said: “It’s difficult to believe 50 years ago guide dogs for the blind were pretty much unheard of. Now they’re common.

“That’s what we’re hoping to emulate with Magic and that’s why we’re championing the cause.”

Magic was accompanied at the event held at Moray College this week by Claire Moon, who has Type I diabetes.

Dr Claire Guest, founder and CEO of Medical Detection Dogs said: “We’ve spent a lot of time raising our profile south of the border, and see our relationship with AccuNostics as a great opportunity to tell people our story in Scotland.

“Magic belongs to Claire Moon who is a beneficiary of the charity and is living with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 is often referred to as insulin dependent diabetes, meaning people like Claire will administer insulin injections for the rest of their lives.

“Claire’s condition leaves her pretty much unaware of her hypoglycaemic status and she is at risk of a diabetic coma or seizure.

“Her medication coupled with a healthy diet and exercise, as well as routine blood tests are helpful lifestyle choices; however with Magic, Claire now has the equivalent of a full time bodyguard who remains poised at her side, ready and waiting to help her any time she needs it. He brings peace of mind for Claire and her family and is better than any alarm.”

Mr Hamilton added: “We brought Magic here a few months ago and put him in front of an audience of business leaders and healthcare professionals.

“He went down a storm that day and since then we have kept a close relationship with him and Medical Detection Dogs because, like us, they believe more need to be done to raise awareness of diabetes.”

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