Dark clouds and high seas but coastal communities survive without incident

Waves lash Lossiemouth harbour (pic: Cllr John Cowe)

Moray’s coastal communities have escaped any major incident during today’s exceptionally high tides but the situation will continue to be monitored with even higher waves expected this evening.

Waves poured high over the sea walls along the coastline during the lunchtime high tide and areas such as the West Beach car park in Lossiemouth was closed because of water and boulders being thrown ashore by heavy seas.

However, a Moray Council spokesman said that there were no report of damage – but added a cautionary note: “With an even higher tide due around midnight, Moray Council is arranging for pallets of sandbags to be delivered to the Gregory Place car park and to Shore Street where members of the public in Lossiemouth can collect them.”

Sandbags have also been sent to Garmouth, Kingston and Hopeman to ensure their availability if required.

The next high tide is expected at around midnight. Heavy rain continues to fall throughout the region and is expected to persist into the evening – but while there is a Sepa flood warning remaining river levels are currently not giving cause for concern.

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