Day the ‘Bishopmill Lady’ sent a council worker packing

Moray Council is one of four Scottish local authorities who have dealt with ghostly goings on over the past two years.

East Lothian, Fife and East Ayrshire council staff had to deal with their own scary goings on – but as Halloween approaches it seems that it was council staff themselves in Moray who were spooked enough to take formal notes.

In a Freedom of Information request the local authority revealed that last year council workers were carrying out a vacant building inspection in Bishopmill. During that inspection a member of the maintenance team reported seeing “an old lady carrying a bag” in one of the corridors.

The building was a former care home that had been built on the site of an old ‘poor house’ – the building had been close in 2004.

In a report in the Sunday Post yesterday further detail of the ‘Bishopmill Lady’ was revealed, with the newspaper reporting that it was the clerk of works who spotted the apparition moving “quite rapidly” in a waddling fashion before veering away at the last moment.

After running out of the building to nearby council office, he learned from admin staff that he had just encountered the Lady who often taunted visitors.

Author and respected paranormal investigator Ron Halliday insisted the Moray sighting and others throughout Scotland was “amazing stuff and independent proof that people are experiencing ghosts”.

The four local authorities, however, appear to be alone in either learning about ghostly sightings or at least admitting their existence, as no other reports have been noted from 28 other local authorities.

In addition the Scottish Government, Parliament and Historic Scotland all denied such incidents despite between them caring for most of Scotland’s more famed haunted buildings.

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