Gonzalo remnants expected to hit Scotland – but miss Moray

Gonzalo’s predicted track and intensity (weather channel)

People throughout the north east are facing the remnants of another hurricane as an alert has been issued that covers part of the Grampian region.

The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo is expected to arrive in the UK by early morning on Tuesday, with the Met Office saying that heavy rain and gusts of up to 60mph can be expected.

However, indications at present are that Moray may miss the full force of the storm which is expected to strike at eastern coastal towns such as Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

While the change in weather is being caused by Hurricane Gonzalo, which brought major damage to parts of the Caribbean last week, it is being described by Meteorologist Fraser Ralston as a “run of the mill Autumn gale”.

Mr Ralston added: “This is nothing unusual for October weather – it will not be too severe with the bulk of the rain falling before dawn on Tuesday.

“It will be a very windy day with gusts of 60mph on northern coastal areas. It will also turn colder, with temperatures down to 10c on Tuesday but with gale-force winds it will feel a lot colder than that.

“It is a one-day cold snap and it will really be mainly about the wind.”

Last night a Met Office chief forecaster’s assessment said: “Some uncertainty remains in the track and intensity (of the storm), but there remains the potential for localised disruption to travel, especially as the strongest winds will coincide with rush hour in places.

“Fallen leaves impeding drainage increases the risk of surface water affecting roads, while some damage to trees is possible, given that many are still in full leaf.”

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