Moray children’s author aims to entertain and educate

Encouraging children to read in an era where technology has changed so much in the world is the driving force behind a book by an Elgin writer.

Ian Murray Tough has been enjoying critical acclaim for his latest children’s book ‘Animal Holidays’, the story of the adventures enjoyed by a boy who decides that the monkeys at Sunnyside Zoo deserve a holiday.

The book is the first of a series with four more children’s books in the pipeline by the author whose previous published work has been mainly in magazines.

Describing the book Ian said: “I wrote it probably because of the need for children to read in this world of technology, but also for my own family.

“It concerns animal awareness and welfare but also tried to convey the many social aspects regarding animals. I hope that children will gain entertainment, social knowledge and interaction from my books – perhaps in the classroom or in the home.”

With Animal Holidays already enjoying widespread distribution Ian hopes that children will soon be able to enjoy more titles that have already been put to paper.

He said: “There are another four scripts awaiting editing and publishing – my next book, ‘What’s in a Name?’ – has been accepted although I wish to revise it.

“Further to the publication of the children’s series I am hoping that my publishers will publish my poetry collection while I’m also working on a novel.”

Returning to Animal Holidays the author said that while he was not in favour of enclosed Zoo’s he did realise that they were necessary for the education of young children.

He added: “Open parklands are more desirable but more difficult to access and limited in their number of species.

“That is why I thought that those zoo animals deserved a holiday or a change of scenery just as much as we do.”

Animal Holidays has been published by Austin Macauley in paperback form under ISBN 13: 9781849634182 ISBN 10: 1849634181 and is available from Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback versions.

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