New shape on the Elgin skyline as Salt Dome nears completion

Salt Dome is taking shape in Elgin (

Moray enjoyed a relatively frost-free winter last year – and an investment of around £410,000 by Moray Council looks set to ensure roads are kept clear no matter what after the clocks go back later this month.

As our image shows work on the new salt storage facility at the local authority’s Ashgrove Road depot in Elgin have progressed well.

The distinctive ‘EuroDome’ is the work of Bristol-based contractor’s Dome UK and is already becoming something of a landmark in the area as it has become visible from miles around.

Originally developed for the North American market some 25 years ago, the domes have been completely redesigned into a stronger building. The domes are designed for storing rock salt, sand, grain and a host of other products.

The unique design of the dome allows tipping vehicles to drive straight inside while the circular design ensures there are no corners to trap materials being stored.

Moray Council had originally accounted for a spend of around £300,000 on the new storage facility but in March announced the cost was more likely to be £110,000 more, with roads maintenance manager Bill Ross saying: “Despite an increase in the forecast cost for a salt store the business case for this project remains strong.”

The local authority has said that its ‘winter roster’ will commence on October 14, meaning that a roads team will be put on standby to treat designated routes that may be affected by frost.

New landmark (

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