Pie, Pint and dark comedy on the lunchtime menu in Elgin

Lunchtime theatre is back in Moray this month with local theatre company Wildbird behind another ‘Play Pieces’ performance in Elgin.

Backed by Creative Scotland the first sessions at Elgin’s Drouthy Cobbler venue were a roaring success last month when the show quickly sold out.

Now local audiences have another chance to take in a mid-day show when Wildbird’s dark comedy ‘Cat Plays Piano’ performs at the venue on Friday.

A spokeswoman for Play Pieces said: “The play sets out to take its audience on an uncompromising journey into the darker recesses of Jason Darcy, a man who lives in the shadow of that other Mr Darcy. He strides through the world of woman’s hour, handsomely shouldering aside the breast cancer features like a dark demi-god.

“Scorned by his former wife and teenage daughters, home worker Jason Darcy is obsessed with how to be Jason Darcy.

“Isolated and Facebook addicted he lives in a constant crisis of comparison, envying the lives of friends of friends of friends; their irony-free philosophies, and endless charity marathons.

“Torn between how he feels and how he feels the world feels he should feel, he is almost afraid to speak in public in case he says the wrong thing, makes the wrong joke, holds the wrong opinion.”

Cat Plays Piano is part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and the Moray Feelgood Festival.

Play Pieces Director Lindsay Brown said; “Not only does ‘Cat Plays Piano’ embrace the idea of male empowerment but it also highlights the fact that in 2013, the suicide rate for males was more than three times that for females.

“It’s a very serious issue and the speed of modern life means we rarely explore the reason why.”

Cat Plays Piano will be performed on Friday 10th October at The Drouthy Cobbler in Elgin.

The doors open 12.30pm and audiences can enjoy a local pie as well as a local beer, which are both included in the £10 ticket price.

Windswept Breweries from Lossiemouth have sponsored the Elgin events events.

Tickets available online at www.playpieces.co.uk as well as in advance at the venue.

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