Royal Mail spark Christmas parcel price war with £5.20 reduction

The first signs of a price war over parcel deliveries over Christmas has been announced by Royal Mail.

People in Moray could benefit from a reduction in the cost of parcels in the lead up to the festive season by as much as £5.20 each delivery.

Royal Mail Parcels say that they will increase the size of ‘small parcels’ to 2kg – a size that had previously been classed as ‘medium parcels’.

That means consumers would pay just £2.80 for delivery of such parcels rather than the existing price of £8.

The boost will, however, only last for the Christmas period as it is being introduced from October 20 and will end on January 18.

“We are pleased to further simplify our stamped parcels portfolio to provide great value and support for consumers and small businesses,” Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels said.

He added: “To launch the new small parcel format we are introducing a festive price promotion that will benefit customers sending Christmas presents to friends and relatives.”

Mr Landon added that the change will provide a boost for smaller businesses who sell online, saying that it will allow customers to put more or larger goods into the smaller parcel.

Royal Mail has been receiving stronger competition throughout the country and in particular in the north, where several courier firms have entered the market offering simpler collection and despatch points through the existing network of town and village shops.

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