Crafty Moray crafters soon to have their own shopping base

Soon to be home for Eco Arts Scotland

An array of talented craft creators are set to have their own permanent shopping base in Moray next month.

Over 35 local craft workers and artists have already signed up for an idea that will see their work presented on the High Street in Elgin just in time for Christmas.

Behind the idea is Louise Beresford from Eco Arts Scotland who said: “I’m opening the new shop as a central place for all of Moray’s talented crafters to put their work on permanent display.

“The new shop will for the first time allow talented people in Moray a direct point of sale and will also help to bring something very new to the High Street.

“My hope is that the new shop will allow everyone in Moray and visitors to our region see at first hand how craft workers are the backbone of our region.”

Until the opening of the new shop the work being created by craft workers and artists in Moray has generally only been seen at occasional fairs or offered online.

Louise said: “With the shop we will come out of hiding – and hit the very heart of Elgin High Street where we believe we really need to be.”

Work is currently under way to have the new shop – opposite Costa’s Coffee on the High Street – ready in time for opening on Saturday, December 6.  Customers can keep up to date with progress on the shop at the Eco Arts Scotland Facebook page.

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