‘Doodlers’ club aims to give Moray dog owners social focus

Wilbur and Murray – founder members

They have become the most fashionable pets throughout the world with owner groups appearing to match – now a group has been set up in Moray for ‘Doodle’ dog owners.

Doodle’s are cross-bred poodles – ‘designer dogs’ that have sparked the growth of user groups with one of the most successful having been established on Portobello Beach near Edinburgh..

The Porty Beach Doodlers include owner of doodle crosses from Affenpoo to Yorkipoo – and all shapes and sizes in between.

Now the movement has reached Moray where doodle owners Pauline Morrison and Diane Smith have set up the Moray Beach Doodlers.

The aim of the group is to hold regular meetings for doodle beach walks and parties, to allow doodles to socialise and play as only doodles play, it also gives owners an opportunity to ask other dog owners questions, share advice and socialise too.

Mini labradoodle owner Diane said, “The Porty Beach Doodlers, which meets on Portobello Beach at the beginning of each month, has been gathering since 2010 and as the popularity for doodle mixed dogs has grown so has the group.

“They now easily have 40 doodles meeting once a month on the Edinburgh beach. It’s great to see them playing as doodle mix dogs are so sociable.”

Pauline, who owns a rescue Cockapoo, added: “We’re welcoming all doodle mixes and any other dogs who like to play to our first meet on Sunday, November 23 at Rosielse Beach.

“We also have a new Facebook page for those who would like to know more, just search for Moray Beach Doodlers.”

For more information call Diane on 07764615517 or join Moray Beach Doodlers on Facebook full meeting details.

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