Editorial: JR and Bobby would be right at home in Moray

Sunday Supplement

The editor voices his views on Moray’s most topical events of the past week …..

Moray certainly does appear to like attracting television soap stars to our midst – but sometimes I do wonder if we would not be better commissioning our own series.

Perhaps we could entice Kevin McKidd to abandon Hollywood – where he is a star of one of the biggest soaps of all – and return to his Elgin roots as the hard-working and misunderstood leader of our local council.

Where real life mirrors unbelievable soap scripts surely there is no better candidate than Moray?

The big show moved on a couple of notches this week with the two Pantomime-style villains, Allan Wright and Stewart Cree, pretty much voting themselves back into office with a slick power move that would not have been out of place had their names been JR and Bobby Ewing.

A few days later the pair were appearing in glamour photo-shoots around the country as they mixed with royalty at Elgin Station – prompting at least one onlooker to whisper “count your fingers ma’am”.

Further soap-like meanderings included the leader of Moray Labour voting for the dastardly pair while his apparently not so loyal side-kick was home in bed and so missed the vote.

In the chamber we had one Tory laying into his own leader while another was sitting uncomfortably between two of the administration’s most loyal henchmen, whispers resonating in both ears on which way he should vote – for good or evil?

He apparently chose to don a white hat and then hit the headlines revealing he too was joining a new two-man “get it right up ye right-wingers for the people” breakaway.

Meanwhile the ‘good guys SNP group’ lined up its big guns and announced that they would be seeking revenge on JR and Bobby, sorry Allan and Stewart, by calling a vote of no confidence on them just before Christmas.

Apparently they have lined up Santa Clause to make an appearance to say under oath that he was bribed by the pair to bypass Moray on December 25.

Some of the forgoing might have been fabricated. But not much.

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