Steamie Laughs set for school performance of comedy classic

Lori Davidson, Carrie MacVicar, Laura Thom, Kaitlin Baker and Ross Cumming star in ‘The Steamie’

For the first time since its opening two years ago pupils at the Elgin Academy are set to take to the stage for a public performance of a classic Scottish comedy.

The school’s assembly hall is to be turned into a theatre for a performance of the Tony Roper classic ‘The Steamie’, an award-winning comedy set in a Glasgow wash house in the 1950’s.

A live band, singers and dancers will be included in a cast that encompasses all year groups at the school, selected after a series of auditions were held. Off-stage activities are also being covered by pupils who will control the sound and light as well as make-up for the actors.

A spokesman for the school said: “It is a production that the nation has wholeheartedly embraced, charming all ages of audience members.

“We have no doubt that Elgin Academy’s version will prove to be no exception. The production’s cast spans all year groups and consists of a live band, with singers, dancers, comic action, not to mention some special guest appearances from “weel kent” faces from within the school – though they may not be quite so recognisable, but will certainly be unforgettable!

“In true Academy style, the production has been tailored to showcase the tremendous talent within the Academy and to that end, our version of this heart warming play is sure to delight audience members by safely delivering them into the festive period through camaraderie, comedy and cuppies o’ tea!”

The production will take place in the assembly hall on Thursday, December 11 and Friday, December 12 at 7pm.

Tickets can be purchased by contacting the school office on 01343 543485 priced at £8 for Adults and £6 for concessions.

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