Highly respected Buckie councillor Joe Mackay has died

Councillor Joe Mackay – passed away on Monday.High

Joe Mackay, who served for the last ten years as a highly respected and popular Moray Councillor for Buckie, has died.

Joe, who was 86, passed away on Monday evening.

Born and raised in Buckpool, Joe was a passionate representative of his local community and in particular argued long and hard on behalf of the elderly.

As recently as September he stressed the importance of giving older people support in fighting isolation when Moray Council approved a new self-directed support package for the elderly.

He said at the time: “I find this project, in my mind, a worthwhile necessity, rather than a community amenity – boredom is the evil that the elderly are faced with.”

When he was fitted with a pacemaker in November 2013 he said that it had given him the drive to continue his involvement with the community – pledging to continue working on their behalf until he was no longer able to do so.

Mr Mackay was a father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

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