National website helps target local community issues

Moray residents concerned over such as vandalism, graffiti and dog fouling are being invited to make their feelings known via an online service created to make it simple to report such issues.

FixMyStreet is an independent website built by the charity mySociety that aims to make it easier to report problems in your community, even if you don’t know who those reports should go to.

The site records reports on a myriad of common community issues and allows members of the public not only to report their concerns but to monitor what is actually being done about them.

A spokesman for the website explained: “While most of us know that the council are responsible for fixing these things, we may not know which department in which council.

“With FixMyStreet, all you have to do is locate the problem on a map, and select a category – the site then sends it off to the right place to get it fixed.

“All reports are published on the site, as well as being sent to the council. Browsing your own postcode can be interesting, as you soon learn what the persistent problems are in your area, and whether or not they are being fixed.

“There’s also the opportunity to discuss individual reports in the comments section.”

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