Road to be monitored amid calls for crossing attendant

Garmouth Road

Moray Council officials have promised to set up a monitor on the number of children crossing a busy village road in response to a local campaign that a Lollypop Person should be recruited.

Residents on Garmouth Road in Lhanbryde say that traffic through the village is such that it has long since merited having someone on duty as children travel to and from the local school.

Now local councillor Sean Morton has responded to approaches by taking the issue to the local authority, who have promised to undertake a study on numbers crossing the road at peak school times.

Councillor Morton said: “I live on Garmouth Road myself, so I know how busy the road can be and I’ve noticed myself that the kids can be a little nervous crossing.

“A number of parents got in touch with me through Facebook to see what I could do and thankfully council officials are going to monitor the situation and see if it merits a school crossing assistant – to give it the fancy title!

“I am hopeful that with more houses in the area and with the considerable traffic that we can get it all sorted so that parents feel more safe letting their kids walk to school.”

Traffic calming measures are already in place on the Garmouth Road with a speed restriction of 20mph – however, parents say that these are regularly ignored by motorists.

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