Sentence on Moray couple trading fakes deferred until March

Fake goods were seized in Keith home.

A Keith couple who admitted they were responsible for a fake goods operation in Moray are facing a proceeds of crime investigation.

Counterfeit goods were seized by trading standards and police in a raid on the home of Tammie Morrison and Derek Walker.

Hundreds of brand-name items were recovered in the raid at Rosehill Steading in May in an operation that included a test purchase of goods being sold through Facebook by the couple.

39-year-old Morrison and Walker, 51, had been expected to appear for sentencing at Elgin Sheriff Court on Thursday, but the case was continued until March 12 to allow the proceeds of crime investigation to be conducted.

In November last year the pair had admitted offences under the Trades Marks Act 1994.

Trading Standards manager at Moray Council, Peter Adamson, said: “We are certainly hoping that by taking action we can put a stop to people using social media to sell illegal goods.

“It is something that we have to monitor, the message we want to give out is that it is very visible if you are selling online – I think some people think they are invisible. The supply and distribution of fake goods always involved organised crime at some point in the supply chain.

“The goods are usually shoddy and can be dangerous.”

During the raid last year more than £1000 in cash was also recovered and that is being included in a proceeds of crime action being taken by police.

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