Concerns that impatient drivers pose a threat at schools

Some motorists ignoring 20mph limit at Lossiemouth High School

Concerns are being raised over the behaviour of motorists and safety of pupils during the “school run” at Lossiemouth High School.

Community councillors and members of the public say that impatience and a simple disregard for the law is increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Local resident Dug Coutts contacted insideMoray after a near-miss outside the town’s High School on Wednesday morning. Mr Coutts said: “Not for the first time I was driving at the 20mph speed limit outside the school when another car overtook in a dangerous and clearly impatient manner.

“This is happening on a regular basis around not just the High School but at nearby primary schools – I always thought it illegal to overtake outside a school never mind exceeding the speed limit, but what is happening is an increasing number of motorists flashing their lights and sounding their horns with some even shouting abuse at anyone who dares to drive sensibly.

“I dared on one occasion to challenge a woman about overtaking and speeding outside the schools but it produced a stream of abuse. People need to understand that speeding near a school might get them to their destinations a minute or two quicker – but is it really worth the risk of harming children?”

Vice-chair of the Lossiemouth Community Council and chair of the High School Parent Partnership is Carolle Ralph.  She said: “This is an issue we have been looking closely at in the Community Council.

“It is a growing problem at all three schools and we are currently working with police and community wardens as well as the roads department at Moray Council.

“We do not wish to see a tragedy happening outside any local school before people begin to pay attention – we would appreciate it if drivers would respect the areas around schools and drive with care.

“Dangerous parking around schools is also contributing to the problem so we are appealing to people to help schools and the community council by driving with proper care and attention and parking well away from junctions.”

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