TV Star was an emergency ‘castaway’ on Moray airfield

Fogle's aircraft made emergency landing at Lossiemouth
Fogle’s aircraft made emergency landing at Lossiemouth

TELEVISION ADVENTURER BEN FOGLE made an unexpected visit to Moray this week when the aircraft he was traveling in made an emergency landing at RAF Lossiemouth.

Fogle was on a flight to London from Shetland when the aircraft cabin began to fill with smoke.

The television presenter, who was a passenger in the light aircraft, expressed his thanks to RAF emergency teams who were waiting for their arrival at the end of the emergency, which happened on Wednesday afternoon.

RAF paramedics checked out the pilot and passengers but were found to have been unharmed by the smoke. A spokesman for RAF Lossiemouth said: “Ben was flying in a light aircraft from Fair Isle to London when the pilot reported smoke and fumes in the cockpit.

“We were the nearest airfield so the pilot diverted to Lossiemouth and as a normal precaution we scrambled RAF paramedics and ambulances.

“Our mechanics inspected the aircraft and the crew and passengers were checked over by medical staff. Mr Fogle stuck around for about an hour and then went on his way.”

A relieved Fogle tweeted images of the aircraft on the ground at the Moray base after thanking staff at RAF Lossiemouth for looking after him “rather unexpectedly”.

He said: “I’m not sure what happened – we made an emergency landing due to overheating and smoke, I think. We got escorted by fire engines into Lossiemouth.

“There is not much to say apart from thanks to the RAF for the cuppa and the ambulances and fire trucks for the reassurance.”

Fogle became a popular television presenter after his appearance on the TV Reality show ‘Castaways’ in 2000.