Bridge to be temporarily relit in time for Remembrance Sunday

Landshut lights dimmed by vandals.
Landshut lights dimmed by vandals.

MINDLESS ACTS OF vandalism on one of the most noticeable changes to the Elgin skyline from the recently completed flood alleviation project is to be fought with CCTV cameras.

The Landshut Bridge had become a notable landmark in the city thanks to imaginative lighting that brought both praise and condemnation from throughout the community.  Many people have welcomed the lighting system on the bridge – while others have criticised them as a waste of money.

However, the £6million bridge over the River Lossie at Pansport has not been lit up recently – because vandals damaged its electrical system.

The attack was just the latest in a series with graffiti appearing on the bridge within days of its official opening – and has prompted an assertion that the lights will not be replaced until a new CCTV system is fitted.

That in turn prompted fears in the community that the bridge would not be lit up in red to mark Remembrance Sunday this weekend – although Moray Council have reassured the public, saying they will put in temporary lights in place.

Elgin Community Council’s chairman Alistair Kennedy welcomed the move to put the temporary lights in place and the fitting of cameras to provide some protection from vandals.

He said: “It would be such a shame if the majority of the people were going to be denied the lighting because of a few mindless, wanton vandals. It would have taken a fair bit of bashing to kick in the lighting system – but we are hoping that CCTV will be enough to deter anyone trying something like this again.”

The lights on the Landshut Bridge cost Moray Council £66,000 to install and cost the local authority £1000 each year to maintain.