Sea School looks for a little experienced help to thrive

Experienced seafarers sought by Cullen Sea School
Experienced seafarers sought by Cullen Sea School

LOCAL PEOPLE CAN help ensure success for a Cullen venture that attracted grant funding to help boost activities in town.

Cullen Sea School was launched late last year after a £500,000 investment aimed at increasing activities in aquatic pursuits in the coastal community.

The Coast Community Fund also provided a boost to the new centre by granted £96,000 for essential equipment such as canoes, kayaks and small sailing craft in time for the summer season.

Now those behind the venture are appealing to the local community to get behind them in their first summer season by taking part in their activities, with project coordinator Katalin Urquhart saying they are looking for volunteers to help some of their members to get out on the water.

Katalin would like to hear from experienced kayakers or sailors, saying: “Even if they lack formal training we have the funding to get them trained and certified. We want to get a watersports scene going in Cullen this summer and I would love to hear from anyone who could help.”

So far around 60 people have approached the school interested in taking part in its activities, which has including a new boat-building class that is up and running after only four months, prompting Katalin to comment: “We expected it to take longer than that but the sessions were quite well attended.

“We have the Findochty Water Sports Club helping out which shows the benefits experience can bring.”

Anyone who believes that they can be of assistance should contact Katalin on 01542 840830 or by email to