Community determined to ensure future for their local church

Dyke village community taking the first steps to save their local Church.
Dyke village community taking the first steps to save their local Church.

A MASSIVE SHOW OF SUPPORT has encouraged community leaders to redouble their efforts to ensure a historic church is preserved for future generations.

A public meeting called earlier this year to discuss the future of Dyke Church near Forres enjoyed a larger than expected attendance – now it has resulted in a fundraising campaign being launched with a programme of events and activities on the drawing board.

Speaking on behalf of the Dyke Church Access Project, Alison Rodgers said: “Those attending the public meeting included church members and non-members in equal numbers, and also included many from outside the parish.

“All age groups were represented when minister Jenny Adams facilitated an opportunity for opinions to be put by everyone there – with some very good points made on what Dyke Church could offer the local community in the future.

“The overwhelming message was that Dyke Church was a focal point for the community. It provides an important social function which, together with the local Primary School and Village Hall, lies at the heart of Dyke Village and the surrounding communities.

“Everyone at the meeting agreed that if the church building could be brought up to the standard needed to make the church a true community facility, accessible by all, there was every reason to be optimistic. The church could become relevant to everyone in the area, not just traditional churchgoers.”

Since the meeting, Alison added that a call has been made to all people in the community step forward to help with the fundraising effort that it is hoped will eventually secure the future of the church.

She said: “The fundraising will hopefully get off to a flying start when the Church puts on an evening of entertainment in the Village Hall on August 13.

“Plans for a Dyke Village Variety Show are well under way and several local talented acts are already signed up.”

Church Elder Judith Sutherland added: “The key to success is to use the talent we have in our midst.

“We want to come together and celebrate our talents, with the Church as the common theme. This exciting showcase event we have planned will give us just the impetus we need. The Dyke area has done it before at the millennium and we know we can do it again.”

Performers signed up so far include musicians, singers, and dancers, and we are also looking forward to seeing Marley, the dog, on stage.

However, Alison said they are still on the lookout for any other talented individuals to become involved in the event. Anyone who can offer help in any way for this or in any of the future fundraising events please do not hesitate to e-mail Alison at or give Margaret a call on 01309 641490.