Elgin park to host reminder of its medieval past

Elgin will be thrown back in time.
Elgin will be thrown back in time.

ELGIN RESIDENTS MAY well think their local park has been adopted as a film set when an attempt to show history in graphic detail is launched in Cooper Park.

A ‘living’ medieval encampment is to be set up to demonstrate how life was for local people around 1390 – the period when local people were living in fear as the Wolf of Badenoch was threatening to destroy Elgin Cathedral.

Over a single weekend on August 13 ‘Sword, Fire and Stone’ will provide not only a historical insight but a lot of family fun in the medieval-themed event organised by the Castle to Cathedral project.

“This is our signature event from our calendar of activities,” Jim Royan, the chair of the project said, adding: “It will provide a unique insight into how life was in Elgin’s medieval times.

“The Wolf of Badenoch was such a significant character in Elgin’s history and we hope that by this little piece of living history we can both entertain and educate.”

The encampment will provide an opportunity to watch and interact with various guilds – demonstrating examples of cooking methods, food and drink, heraldry and traditional crafts. There will also be demonstrations of blacksmithing and woodturning skills.

A ‘crime and punishment’ tent will show the darker side of history while visitors can have a go at creating calligraphy with quill and ink. Stunt riders on horseback will create an exciting twist and a falconer will demonstrate the ancient art of falconry with a range of beautiful birds of prey.

In a spectacular finale a re-enactment of a fully scripted battle will take place, ensuring the inaugural event will be a spectacular, theatrical experience that promises to leave audiences awestruck and enchanted.

Sword, Fire and Ice will take place from 11am to 5pm on August 13 and 14, with admission free to all – for more information visit www.elginheritage.scot.