Can you reunite this Doggy with her year-old owner?

Have you seen this missing Doggy?
Have you seen this missing Doggy?

EVERY PARENT KNOWS the importance of that favourite toy to their child – and the heartache it can cause when they lose it!

Such occasions hardly make for headline news – except perhaps on insideMoray, where we know the value of our reach to every corner of Moray – and how our community service needs to cover things that your traditional newspaper would not touch.

So today we are issuing an appeal on behalf of Elgin one-year-old Piper, who is currently missing her beloved Johnstons Jellycat Doggy.

Mum Siobhan Forde told us: “I realise it is not really a news story but thought I’d give insideMoray a try and see if one of your readers knows where Piper’s pal has gone.

“We stopped outside Poundworld to get juice on Elgin High Street and she must have thrown it out of her prem – it was last seen at 4pm yesterday sitting on the black pillar box nearby.

“We only got it as a present for her first birthday a week ago but she has become so attached to it – we have been back and been to the police station just in case but nobody has handed it in.”

So anyone – if you can help with some information or know where Piper’s Doggy is, please email with the details and we’ll put you in touch with Siobhan.