New £3.5m available to Moray for EU-funded projects

EU funding of £3.5million being made available in Moray.
EU funding of £3.5million being made available in Moray.

THE UK MAY have voted to leave the European Union but it will be some years before that is fully enacted – in the meantime funding remains available to community groups.

Moray Council is calling attention to two separate ‘challenge funds’ being supported by finance from the EU – one that will take forward project in Moray for employability strategy, another that aims to fund a poverty and social inclusion strategy.

The local authority have revealed that a provisional allocation of over £3million in European Social Fund cash for use in Moray has been made by the Scottish Government for the employability strategy, with a further £500,000 available for the poverty and social inclusion strategy.

Both projects will run until 2018 with any funding received by Moray Council covering 50% of eligible costs. Organisations submitting bids will therefore be required to explain clearly where they intend sourcing the other 50% for their projects, with match funding not allowed from private funds or other European funding.

Applications for both funds need to be submitted by September 30 and further information is available by EMail to