More cash for Tenants willing to downsize their homes

Moray Council to increase payments for those wishing to downsize their homes.
Moray Council to increase payments for those wishing to downsize their homes.

A SCHEME THAT REWARDS tenants of larger houses in Moray if they agree to downsize to smaller homes is to be relaunched in April next year.

In a report prepared for the Communities Committee at Moray Council on Tuesday, it has been noted that the Tenant Downsizing Incentive Scheme has been successfully implemented since it was first introduced in April 2012.

The number of tenants who agreed to downsize has increased since the initial eight in its first year, taking the total over the four years to 64. Of these, 34 have moved from a three-bedroom property to a one bed, while 24 downsized from three to two bed properties – six more downsized from four bed properties.

Under the scheme, those agreeing to downsize received a basic payment of £1500 plus an additional £400 for each bedroom additional bedroom given up. The purpose of the national scheme is to free up larger and under-occupied homes for families who required them.

In the report head of housing and property, Richard Anderson, says: “Demand for the scheme continues but the review has identified an opportunity to widen the scheme to include tenants of wheelchair adapted accommodation.

“Tenants or qualifying occupiers would become eligible where the household no longer requires the adapted or specialist features of the house. There would be no requirement to consider under occupancy and all sizes of this type of property would be considered.”

Those giving up such homes would also receive a flat basic payment while there will also be an additional £400 from April to reflect concerns expressed over the “unforeseen disruption” that housing transfers can create.