Planning framework is agreed for extensive Elgin business park

Framework agreed for major new
Framework agreed for major development to the East of Elgin.

A NEW STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK for the development of a 30-hectare business park to the East of Elgin has been approved by Councillors.

Now the framework will be used in any material considerations that determine all future planning applications for the Barmuckity site.

The site will provide a range of land uses for business, industrial, retail, leisure and housing purposes, with a report to the Council’s planning and regulatory service on Tuesday saying: “The purpose is to provide a framework in both land use and landscape terms to set the context within which all future proposals and planning applications will sit.

“The balance of uses within the framework aims to promote delivery by ensuring the project is economically viable.

“The mix of uses includes some higher value uses such as housing to support the delivery of business and industrial uses.

“The inclusion of housing and identifying the potential for leisure and retail uses that are ancillary to the main use is a key difference from the designation within the 2015 Moray Local Development Plan which is for employment uses only.”

Included in the planned layout for the site is a ‘wetland water feature’ in a parkland setting.