Councillor plea that Forres is not forgotten in housing boom

George Alexander – Builders should help pay towards new roads during population boom in Forres.

HOUSE BUILDERS CONTRIBUTING to the boom of new homes in Forres should help towards the growing cost of maintaining the pressure extra traffic is placing on the local roads network.

As consultations are being launched in Elgin to consider options for road improvements that could end up costing Moray Council around £30million, one local councillor and prominent member of the ruling Administration group is appealing for similar action to be looked at for Forres.

Councillor George Alexander has said that the local authority should be looking at the major housing developments being planned on the south side of Forres – and in particular the fact that there is currently just a single access road linking them to the A96.

Councillor Alexander says that he is particularly concerned because the Grantown Road is already busy – and he believes that it will only get a great deal worse if even more homes are built further down the road.

Mr Alexander added that financial contribution should be sought from housing firms who are behind the population increase: “Housing developments in Forres and right across Moray are good things, I welcome them – but we have to look at the repercussions.”

However, one of the major builders, Springfield Properties, insist that they are already working with Moray Council on transport infrastructure issues, a spokesman saying: “We design and plan our developments to have a positive impact on the town where we are working.

“One aspect of this is working with local councils to take transport and many other factors into account.”