Domestic abuse remains prime target as 18 arrested

Domestic abuse continues to be targeted by police.

A MAJOR PUSH to tackle domestic abuse throughout Moray, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is set to intensify over the Festive holiday.

Operation Pine tackles all aspects of violent crime and in the latest stage of the operation police proactively targeted offenders throughout the region.

In total 18 arrest were made over a 16 day period relating to domestic offences – many of them having been held in custody before appearing in court the following day.

Police Sergeant Mark McRobb, who co-ordinated the operation, said: “The festive season is traditionally a time for families but it can also unfortunately be a peak time for domestic abuse.  It is a time when there can be increased strains because of mounting financial commitments, family tensions and larger intakes of alcohol.

“That is why every year Police Scotland takes additional action to tackle domestic abuse, sending officers out to target known abusers and support high risk victims.”

Police in the region give a very high priority to domestic abuse – insisting that it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at any time of the year, far less at Christmas.

Sgt McRobb continued: “We have listened to the needs of our communities and are committed to dealing with the issue with future operations planned.

“Domestic abuse is a challenging area but it is a key priority for us. We are committed to supporting and encouraging victims in coming forward. We will work with our partners to support those who are most vulnerable as well as their families.

“In addition, we will proactively identify and arrest offenders and continue to monitor their compliance with any bail conditions or home curfews after they’ve been to court.  Our focus will remain on raising awareness, supporting those affected and bringing those responsible to justice.”