Buckie High pupils set to launch new charity support bid

Buckie pupils are ready to launch another campaign in support of local charities.

PUPILS FROM BUCKIE High School are once again taking a philanthropic route to charity fundraising following their highly successful efforts in recent years.

Last year pupils worked together through the Youth Philanthropy Project, making a winning bid to raise £3000 from the Wood Foundation for a local homeless charity.

The Buckie school pupils have held four events under the scheme – and are returning again this year for more, with S2 students working in teams to compete against each other and win further funding for their chosen charity.

To help launch the 2017 project, the pupils are now inviting local charities to a ‘Charity Fayre’ next month at the West Cathcart Street school.

A Buckie High team won £3000 for Moray Fresh Start last year.

A spokeswoman said: “The Fayre is being held on February 20 from 1.45pm until 3.20pm, during which attending charities will be able to promote the work they do to our students.

“Groups of students will then choose the charity they wish to represent in the initiative this year. The criteria that must be met by participating charities is that they much earn less than £10,000 a year and must be active within the local area.”

Any local charities wishing to take part in the Fayre can contact Dorothy Loveland at Buckie High School on 01542 832605.