Moray Hub aims to increase self-help in the community

Training volunteers in communities to become ‘See Me’ champions.

A MORAY GROUP is hoping that more people will join them from local communities to help make some real changes to general wellbeing.

The Moray Wellbeing Hub was founded in March last year as a social enterprise operating a central point where people can access training and resources that can in turn be used to help others.

Self-management workshops, seeding peer-support groups and working alongside health and social care service providers are just some of the areas that the Hub can help Moray’s communities.

Heidi Tweedie told insideMoray: “One of the areas we can help is in training people to become a ‘See Me’ community Champion.

“The idea is to give people the skills and confidence they need to make Moray a more mentally healthy place for all of us, using their existing links and interests. We have champions of all ages and are hoping to support young people in the future with partners like the Elgin Youth Cafe.”

More information on the work of the Moray Wellbeing Hub including news of events and training they undertake can be found on their website.